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    This is an attempt to make the data, rather than just the PDFs, available to others.
    The detailed data for opponents' schedules starts to dwindle as you move down from the FBS division. I believe the schedules are accurate for FBS and FCS schools, but not always for schools below Division I. Currently the offerings are:

    1. CFB_Team_Info.csv - Information for Each Team. Each FBS & FCS School have a uniqe 'ID' number as well. Every 'Team' name is unique, regardless of division.
    2. CFB_Game_Info.csv - Information for Each Game. List's Home, Away Team names as well as IDs (when availalable) along with additional Game-specific information. Has a linking field 'MatchupString' for connecting to the Team_Schedules fields.
    3. CFB_Team_Schedules.csv - Similar to Game_Info, but indexed by Team rather than Game. This allows a schedule lookup from Team_Info. Links to the Game_Info Table through 'MatchupString' and the Team_Info table through 'ID' or 'Team'.
    The intention is for this data to be useful. If you find you need additional fields/tweaks/etc. let me know and I'm sure we can work something out.